Are you loving the moments you are living? Life is for enjoying and thriving. Your life is already awesome. You are a high achiever. AND what would it be like to master elevating and living in COMPLETE ALIGNMENT AND BALANCE IN EVERY area of life? Yes it is possible to have it all. Come Find Out How In This 5 Week Online and In-person Transformational Experience.

6 Areas of Life Balance

Through Lauren's INBODIED and Nadav's Lifestyling Perfected experiential programs we will go inward to recreate our experience of ourselves and our lives.

2 Weeks: Online Transformation prior to the retreat

5 days: Balance into Abundance at Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica

2 Weeks: Online Integration after the retreat


  • Arrive Imiloa Institute for Welcome and Opening Ceremony
  • Morning movement with Lauren
  • Vision Creation with Nadav
  • Daily transformational Lifestyle Perfected Alignment sessions with Nadav
  • Accessing the information and guidance in your body through exploratory somatic experiences and breath-play
  • Intentional integrated living led by Lauren
  • 3 delicious meals per day + snacks prepared by our vegan chef
  • Adventure hikes in the jungle
  • Sound healing meditation
  • Connecting to nature
  • Beach excursions and surfing

The early bird pricing for the 5 week experience are as we focus on having the most high vibration leaders and achievers participate in the program.
We will review your application, set up a Discovery Call to understand your vision and then decide about participation together. We are looking forward to it!

The prices are inclusive of all 5 weeks of the program. All food, transportation and activities for the full 5 days in Costa Rica. All accommodations combine luxury and nature and include ensuite bathroom.

Qty available: 5