(RE) CONNECT is a time to go into the wild and (re) awaken your delight in living.


Each morning, Lauren will lead a grounding meditation followed by a dynamic vinyasa practice. She will then facilitate exercises designed to help you more fully connect with your fellow travelers.
From this place of internal grounding, we will explore Liminal States with Dan Mitchell, archetypes with Jerri Chou, a (multi-sensory workshop) with Jessica Kung Dreyfus and much more…


As we move through the weekend, you can expect a variety of conversations, workshops, hikes through ancient red woods, wine tastings, games, swim holes, fireside chats, breath work and dance parties with music from the one and only CRSTO.
An optional bonus day is scheduled for August 9th and will include wine-tasting, yoga, and an off-site dinner.
  • ARRIVE: Thursday August 9th, 1PM (optional bonus day) or Friday August 10th, 1PM
  • CHECK OUT: Sunday August 12th, 2PM

Join us at The Land. All meals are included.

*Private Houses are available, pricing and options upon request.
RT Airport Transfers from SFO (2h 30m) + Santa Rosa Airport (STS) (1h 20m) available upon request.

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