What’s really going on in the Holy Land? Dive into the layers of (internal) conflict and (inner) peace making while having fun along the way. This immersive exploration into Israel and Palestine will bring you into direct contact with influential people who live there - and their work.

Join Lauren Taus for an experience of a lifetime.

  • Learn about complex histories through guided visits to places like Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem and more
  • Meet Israeli and Palestinian leaders from specific time periods
  • Distill important messages and takeaways through process sessions
  • PLAY! This week long adventure will be a time of funsciousness! Fun + Consciosness in fabulous restaurants, hipster bars, and local parties with plenty of incredible locals! 

Come with solidarity and openness. Let go of what you think you know so that you can be touched by the humanity everywhere, even in the space of conflict.

Pricing and Sign up Coming SOON! 

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