Are you ready to take down the walls that stand between you and the life of your dreams? If so, Lauren is eager to help you thrash your way through the barriers and rise. Lauren works with her clients to clarify a life vision, mission and purpose. With her support, you will create personal rituals that bring you into authentic alignment every day, and allow you to experience freedom, power, ease and love in any moment.  

Lauren is a licensed clinical therapist in both New York and California. While her expertise lies in addiction and trauma, she has a depth of experience in anxiety and depression. Lauren sees the painful thought and behavior patterns that we all have as misguided defense mechanisms. With a palpable compassion, Lauren creates wide, safe space for her clients to let it all go, to connect with their bodies again and to begin anew, returning to the wide goodness of the heart.

Lauren offers an integrative approach to meet the individual where they are. Some require support in organization while others need more alternative interventions. Lauren has training in somatic experiencing, trauma sensitive yoga, MDMA therapy and more. Throughout your time with Lauren, she will invite you to connect with the body’s wisdom and power. Restoring that connection is one of the major keys to unlocking your happiness and fulfillment.

Lauren takes great pleasure in this work and she offers herself in humble service to your evolution because your transformation belongs to the whole.

The personal is universal, and when you thrive, we all do.

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