Calling this experience in Israel a yoga retreat is an understatement. It was an adventure retreat - spanning the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, and the beautiful landscapes in between. It was a cultural retreat - featuring the rich and complex history of Israel, its people, and its sacred land. It was a spiritual retreat - guided through daily practice and every other aspect of the trip in a way that only Lauren can do. And at the end of the week, despite the wealth of eye-opening experiences, the greatest education I received was of myself.”

- Brian Biros, Writer, The Points Guy


Lauren, thank you for an incredible trip.  I really didn’t know what to expect going into it, and honestly I was a little hesitant.  It really pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways, and has already had a positive impact on my general perspective. I’m so happy that I decided to join this journey.  What an incredible experience with such amazing people.  You are simply an amazing human.  I feel lucky to have been part of your retreat.  You are a true badass, and you run a dope ass retreat.  And when I asked if you were single, you replied “yes, but not because I want to be..” Well, you deserve only the best person in your life.  And whoever this dude is...he is going to be a fucking lucky man.  

- Ian Velardi, Founder/Creative Director Ian Veladri Fashion Brand


I tagged along with a friend of mine for a yoga retreat with Lauren in Costa Rica. I’m far from a religious, disciplined yogi and I had never done anything like this; Wow, the retreat blew UP my expectations! The yoga opened my body and mind to new boundaries and possibilities. Having the peace and beauty of the Costa Rica jungle only heightened the experience. In addition to being a gifted teacher and practitioner of yoga, Lauren also has a gift for bringing people together and creating a community. So after only a week, I found myself not just more connected to my yoga but connected to a wonderful, diverse group of like-minded souls. It is an experience I will look forward to repeating with Lauren in the futur

- Amy Bell, Senior Investment Professional


Lauren, who I affectionately dubbed "The Lauren" during our trip to Costa Rica, is truly one of a kind! We had a big group on this retreat and I loved Every. Single. Person. This is such a perfect reflection of Lauren, what she is about, and who she attracts. "Your vibe attracts your tribe!" She brought us all closer together and challenged and nurtured us along the way. I went on retreat for the yoga and was confident I would have a great movement experience; what I didn't expect was for the resort to absolutely blow me away with its unbelievably incredible staff, food, and aesthetics, to explore the beauty and offerings of Costa Rica as much as we did, to gain new friends who I hold dear to my heart, to have started a regular, solid meditation practice, and to leave feeling like I want to give my heart to the world again. I felt in going on retreat that it was a luxury for myself, but I left wanting to give and serve others. Retreat is healing. Others have benefited from my own self care and retreat is part of that. My words of wisdom: go on retreat with Lauren. Like, now.

- Meredith Coronato, Equinox Trainer/Manager


Lauren is such a giant and magnificently beautiful piece of the fabric of this universe. She keeps us all warm in the cold darkness and helps us weave each thread of our existence together. Lauren is a healer, a lover and an artist. Can't wait to feel more of her magic.

- Felix Rodriguez, Yoga Teacher


I’ve traveled all over the world and I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences, but what Lauren creates tops them all. With her, you witness the power and presence of pure love. She incites a curiosity in me to dig deeper and to understand how I too can make the world a better place.

- Lauren Meeth, The Honest Company


Lauren will remind you of your own goodness. Her excitement for living is contagious, but she isn’t afraid of the shadow side either. Lauren can skillfully guide anybody through their pains so that they experience more joy and freedom in their daily lives. Because of Lauren, I always look for the silver lining in difficult situations. My time with Lauren has absolutely made me a better person. I would trust anything that she creates and I look forward to experiencing more of her magic.

- Jesse Wellens, YouTube Creator