We awaken to the magic and miracle of living by going in.

When we shift our focus from external to internal, we are met with a space wide enough to hold the entirety of our human experience. Here, pleasure and delight are as welcome as fear and sadness. In this home, you will find a kind community and a natural compass to help you navigate the winding pathways of existence in a complex world.

For many, an inbodied focus is disorienting because so much of our training has asked us to anchor in the material. Unfortunately, an outward focus leaves us hungry and unsatisfied. We constantly posture, push and soldier our way from one conquest to the next, but there’s no respite or haven out there. It’s heartbreaking and exhausting. It actually makes us sick.

You might ask...

How do I go in and why should I do the work?

It's simple.

Just close your eyes and follow that gentle, quiet. Maintain a regular practice, and you’ll become adept in your inward journey. It is the contINuous traveler that overcomes his or her animal nature and evolves. An inbodied life is one of optimization. You rise higher in all that you do - and you naturally encourage others to do the same. is your personal guide home. It’s a reminder that you have a choice.
You can opt out of automatic pilot and go in. You can be alive in the time that you are here, and you can begin again - and again, and again.

Go on. Go in.

“There is more wisdom in your body
than in your deepest philosophy.”

Friedrich Nietzsche



Personalize your practice with one on one attention. I can meet you in a place that's most comfortable for you, and together we can activate the yoga practice to improve the quality of your life physically, mentally and emotionally.



In my past life, I worked in corporate finance so I know the life of an office, and I love coming onsite to help support you or your team optimize and thrive.

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