Yoga is a practice of connection, and sometimes we struggle to know HOW. Individualized sessions facilitate more internal cohesion. With over twenty years of experience working with the mind and the body, Lauren will skillfully create a program uniquely designed to address any personal ruptures, and she works with you to address your specific needs and desires. Perhaps your goal is to learn meditation and cultivate greater inner peace through a practice of deep, conscious relaxation? Perhaps you’re looking to advance your movement practice, increase your level of overall fitness and get upside down in a discovery of inversions? Whatever it is, Lauren is eager to walk over the threshold with you into fuller, more complete integration. Her approach is very hands-on, offering adjustments to ensure safety and depth.

In private sessions, Lauren is happy to meet you at home, in your office, or perhaps outdoors. These sessions allow you to set the schedule and receive personal attention that is typically unavailable in larger group classes.

Benefits include improved alignment and posture, greater overall health, potential exploration of yoga’s spiritual side, an increase in knowledge of specific practice areas, an ability to navigate around special needs or injuries and a sense of ease for beginners in group classes.

Lauren offers yoga and meditation classes through her ZOOM room that suits your time zone, and she is happy to meet in person if you are in the same city. You may mix and match classes. Example: if you buy a package of 3, the first class could be meditation and the last two yoga or vice versa. Sessions can also incorporate both.

You tell me what you need, I provide.

Packages must be redeemed in 6 months. Cancellations must be received within 24 hours.

Qty available: 10