He’s Lithuanian, Kenyan, Jewish, Christian and he’s beautiful. He’s full of light, and he’s learning how to receive his own shine.

Noam is 18, and he took these photos of me in Jaffa. We met in May after he traveled an hour by bus to photograph (me and) my friend Jesse Wellens. Noam’s depth hit me immediately, so I stayed in touch with him online to watch his talent and story unfold. It was a gift to reconnect and create.

After roaming around the ancient port, we sat for a coffee at the Setai and watched the city lights begin to dance over the sea. His journey in the world inspires me, and he takes to mine like a sponge. He asks me to repeat some of my big thoughts, sits quietly with them, takes a long exhale, and just responds, “It makes a lot of sense, but where do you begin and how?”

He wants to learn what I know about life and self-care. I’m so happy to teach, or rather to embody it and to just share experience together.

This is just a small window into the magic for me here. I’m sure it’s everywhere, but my soul feels so alive swimming in this place with these people.