EPISODE 2: Holy Plants with Rabbi Harry: Psychedelics in the Bible and Rebranding Religion

Lauren Taus

Are you struggling with hedonistic impulses and looking for a fulfilling spiritual experience? Rabbi Harry in Jerusalem offers a modern twist on religion and explains how he’s living a meaningful life full of pleasure.


  • Why religion no longer makes sense 
  • The promise of decentralization and how national boundaries of the past are creating immense global problems today, specifically in Africa, Afghanistan and Israel
  • The role of entheogenic plants (aka psychedelics) in the biblical narrative, other ancient traditions and their power in contemporary times 
  • The problem is internal, and many "terrorists" are actually Jews 

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EPISODE 1: An Introduction: What is Real in The Holy Land?

Lauren Taus1 comment

Lauren set out to explore the multiplicity of truths in the Holy Land, and to share her discoveries via conversations with the people who live there. In this conversation between Lauren and Shannon Algeo of SoulFeed, Lauren discusses why she did it and why it matters. 


  • How yoga is connected to the conflict in the Middle East - and to you personally

  • Why changing the story in the Middle East matters in places far beyond it

  • The problem of victim consciousness

  • The opportunity to create a narrative big enough to include it all 

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